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Dear Reader,

I’ve spent the last seven years of my life living in Houghton, MI while a student at Michigan Tech. Over this time I’ve had the great opportunity to experience (nearly) everything that the Keweenaw and surrounding areas have to offer. The main reason I ultimately decided to go to Tech was for the free skiing and golfing (and of course their engineering reputation…). Now don’t get me wrong, these were definitely some awesome perks. With just one month of skiing I got my money’s worth from the “activity fee” twice over. But after my first couple weeks I realized how much more there was to this area than what the school advertised. I had no idea about the sheer abundance and beauty of waterfalls in the area, let alone within a fifteen minute drive from campus. I never knew how awesome a Breakers bonfire sunset over Superior could be, or how breathtaking the views from the top of Cliff Range were as the leaves turn. I never expected to experience the thrill of a 45 foot jump at Canyon Falls, or the pure awe of a moonless Northern Lights. Most of all I had no idea of the rich mining history of the Keweenaw, its unique culture, and the countless ruins leftover to today.

The goal of this guide is to share my knowledge of what I feel are the most beautiful, interesting, and/or important locations in and around the Keweenaw. These include waterfalls, cliffs, mines, abandoned buildings and other general points of interest that I feel are worthwhile to visit while you can. I’ll talk about how to get there and what to expect when you do, as well as any interesting facts and recommendations that pop into my head. I’ll also be taking feedback from commenters for additional information and locations that I missed (there are bound to be many. I did have to go to class after all!) Along the way posts will be mapped and tagged to allow you to explore similar locations.

It is my hope that this guide will give you all the information needed to fully enjoy all the Keweenaw has to offer. This area holds a special place in my heart and I have no doubt that it will for you too. Stay safe, respect the environment, and most importantly, get outside!

See you out there,


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