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Falls River

Even after five years of driving by it, I didn't notice Falls River until I was riding shotgun on a trip downstate. Aptly named, Falls River is known for its several smaller-scale waterfalls that run along its length before it flows into L'Anse Bay. The first main falls on this stretch of river are called the upper, middle (pictured above) and lower falls (below). Note that there are other falls a bit further upstream that aren't covered in this post (Power Dam Falls). The upper falls are visible by car if you look to your right while driving east on the bridge on US-41. The middle and lower falls are downstream a short walk. There area also smaller falls and rapids if you continue downstream even more.

To get here from Houghton, take US-41 south through Baraga. Right as you get into L'Anse, turn left onto L'Anse Avenue and turn left into Burger King. Park here. Walk towards the highway bridge that spans Falls River and look for the walking trail on the river's east bank.

Thanks to Andrew Dubay for the photos!

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