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Abandoned Train Cars

Southwest of L'Anse off of US-141 are a bunch of abandoned rail cars. They're not too far off the road (depending on where you park) and are well worth a visit if you're traveling within 15 miles of them. The cars consist primarily of grain carriers but there are a few boxcars. One of the doors of the western boxcars has been removed and you can get inside of it. All of the grain carriers have rungs that allow for climbing up on top of them, and if you're coordinated and not afraid of heights you can jump from car to car for almost the full length of the train (>1/2 mile!).

I'm not sure how abandoned these cars actually are since the cars pictured in Google Earth were different ones than when I was here, but the rails are in really rough condition so this is not an active rail line. Maybe they're here for extended storage? Either way climbing on these may be trespassing so keep that in mind.

To get here from Houghton, head south on US-41 until you pass Alberta and Canyon Falls Roadside Park. Turn right onto US-141 and continue for 10 miles. Turn left down USFS 2500 and park on the side of the road near the rails. Follow the tracks west until you get to the cars. Alternatively, drive 10.7 miles from US-41 and turn left onto E. Perch Road. Continue a quarter mile until you get to the tracks and park on the side of the road. There are houses here though to don't be too obnoxious.

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