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Redridge Dam

One of only a handful of steel dams built in North America, the Red Ridge dam was finished in the early 20th century to create a reservoir for the downstream Atlantic Stamp Mill and to allow ore trains to cross the Salmon Trout River. While no longer in use, the dam still holds back the Salmon Trout reservoir over a hundred years later.

From the south it doesn't look like anything too special, but the truss work inside is incredible. After the dredge in winter, this might be the second coolest urban place to have a bonfire. I've seen lots of guys fishing on the shore in fall and in shanties during the winter, so I'd imagine there are decent fish to be caught here too. Judging by the river's name, maybe salmon and trout? No idea.

To get here from Houghton, head west through downtown, through the yooper loop and west on M-26. After a quarter mile or so take a right on Houghton Canal Road. Continue for 5 miles until you get to Schmidt's Corner Bar and take a left on Liminga Road. Continue for 6 miles. You'll cross over a bridge and when you look to your left, you should see the dam down in the gorge. Pull off into the dirt lot to the left and follow the trails or the river to the dam.

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