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Bare Bluff

Situated nearly 600 feet above lake level, this is hands down the best high-up view of Lake Superior in Michigan. It is a bit of a drive to get out here but it's well worth it. The hike to the top is moderate (about a half mile) but there are additional trails which are increasingly difficult if you'd like to see more than just the top of the bluff. I wouldn't recommend camping here as there isn't a lot of flat ground, though I'm sure if you have a smaller tent or hammock it could be done.

To get here, head north on the lift bridge and take US-41 through Delaware. In a quarter mile, take a right onto Lac La Belle Road and drive for 4 miles. Once you pass Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, continue and hang a left onto Bete Gris Road. Continue for 3 miles and take a left onto Smith's Fisheries Road. Continue for 2.5 (note that there will be a sharp left turn at 2.15 miles). At 2.5 miles, Smith's Fisheries Road will continue north to the left and you will see the Grinnell Memorial Nature Sanctuary parking area in front of you. Park there and hike the two track past the gate about a half mile until you reach the trailhead on your left. That'll take you up to the top.

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