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Montreal Falls

One of my favorites, Montreal Falls is also one of the furthest away from civilization. These are a series of two waterfalls, the lower of which flows directly into Lake Superior (above). The upper falls are a short trail hike upstream and while narrower than the lower falls, they're quite a bit taller. There are some flat, lightly vegetated areas to the west of the lower falls which make for excellent campsites. On the hike in there are also a few sea stack formations in the water to the south. This might be the most beautiful hike in the Keweenaw and I couldn't recommend it more.

To get here, head north on the lift bridge and take US-41 through Delaware. In a quarter mile, take a right onto Lac La Belle Road and drive for 4 miles. Once you pass Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, continue and hang a left onto Bete Gris Road. Continue for 3 miles and take a left onto Smith's Fisheries Road. Follow this road until it ends in what looks like somebody's driveway. It's not and you can park here. Follow the trail east along Lake Superior and after 1.2 miles you will reach the lower falls. To get to the upper falls, follow the trail upstream on the west bank of the Montreal River for about a half mile. If you'd like more of a hike, the trail continues past the upper falls to some rapids and a couple clearings. Not many people hike past the upper falls though so pay attention as the trail thins considerably.

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