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Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls are actually a series of 4 separate waterfalls on Dover Creek. They are some of the more accessible remote waterfalls (ones that aren't on the side of the road) and make for an awesome day trip when combined with the dredge and Quincy Mill, both of which are along the same route. During the summer months the falls can be readily accessed by car with only a short walk involved, however during the winter, the main access road is not plowed. Depending on daily traffic, you may or may not need snowshoes to get there.

Most people see the four waterfalls and then backtrack to their car. For a slightly longer trip however, there is a trail that continues past the lower falls along the Dover Creek gorge. At the end you'll reach a rather impressive re purposed railroad bridge and can hike the road back to your car.

To get here from Houghton, head north on the lift bridge and turn right onto M-26. Continue for 8 miles until and turn left onto 6th Street in Hubbell. Turn left onto Golf Course Road and head uphill about 2500 feet. To your left you'll see a road with a gate. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle with enough clearance, continue town this road until you reach the falls. If not, park here and walk down the road. You'll reach the first set of falls in 1000 feet. Note that during winter months, you'll have to park on 6th Street due to unplowed snow on Golf Course Road.

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