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Brockway Mountain

If you want to see some of the best views and never leave the comfort of your car, this one's for you. This "mountain" has roads that take you to the very top, some 1320 feet above sea level. There are multiple turn off areas along the way where you can park. The whole drive is one of the most scenic ones in the area. While its a worthwhile trip any time of the year, it really shines in the fall when the leaves turn. This is also a destination for mountain and road bikers alike. There are services which will take you and your bike to the top. You can either take the road or singletracks down the mountain. A word of caution: try not to walk around on the cliff edges where there's no vegetation. Erosion has left these high-incline slopes relatively unstable.

To get here, take US-41 north. When you get to a town called Phoenix, continue for 2.5 miles and and take a left onto Eagle Harbor Cutoff Road. Drive for 5.5 miles. When you get to Eagle Harbor, turn right onto M-26 and continue for about 4 miles. Turn right onto Brockway Mountain Drive. Continue until you get to the top!

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