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Sturgeon River Falls

One of the many waterfalls along the Sturgeon River, this is one of the bigger ones (along with Canyon Falls) and is relatively unknown, likely due to it's remoteness. It's a bit of a hike to get in here but is well worth the walk. The falls themselves plunger 30 feet and there are cliffs on either side that I've seen people jump off into the water below. Like Canyon Falls, I strongly recommend going here with somebody who's jumped before to avoid serious injury and drowning. Just downstream from the falls the rapids take a right turn at the base of some sandstone cliffs, continues straight, and takes a left at the base of some larger cliffs (above). Reaching the top gives a nice view of the river and surrounding forest below.

This is also an awesome spot for camping and a couple friends of mine say it's their favorite spot in the area. Quite a claim. There is an established campsite a little ways uphill from the falls with a stone fire pit that previous campers have made. There's room for several tents here too. If you'd like a more removed area, the ground on top of the cliffs is flat and there are several lightly vegetated spots that you could put a tent on. Just be careful to not get too close to the edge.

To get here from Houghton, head south on US-41 towards Baraga. When you get to the stoplight in Baraga, take a left onto M-38. After 9.5 miles, turn left on to Prickett Dam/Silver Mountain Road. Continue for 2.3 miles and turn right onto NF-2270. Continue about 10 miles and you'll see a parking area on your left. You should go over a bridge at 7 miles. If you reach Clear Creek Road you've gone too far. The parking area should be about 0.6 miles from the intersection. The trail starts across the road to the southwest. It's about a mile in length and begins a steep descent as you approach the falls. The trail goes through the first camping spot. If you want to camp on the cliff, follow the river banks and bushwhack it. There might be a minor trail but it's easy to lose and the forest here is open enough that you won't have any problem making it up there.

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